Two of the buzzwords of the moment, sustainability and knowledge, recognize smart-cities conceptThe essential objective of these is to incorporate mobility, sustainability and digital transition to improve the lives of citizens in the world.

Or, according to the European Union, smart cities are structured around a set of systems and people that interact intelligently, using resources in a sustainable way.

However, a simple definition thickens a complex web of questions in multiple analytical dimensions… Thus, we have to:

  1. What is meant by mobility? Only the movement of people (citizens) and/or products; or does it include citizens' perception of traffic in their neighbourhood or city, availability and/or ease of access to mobility? A concrete example is: is there real-time and reliable information on the means of transport circulating at a given moment? The key word is intelligence;
  2. What is the best definition of sustainability? It just means that your neighbourhood and/or city incorporates green areas for leisure; or does the notion of citizens recognize an efficient use of resources? An example is: is the route of garbage collection services optimal in the relationship between fuel consumption and collection results? This analysis requires intelligence;
  3. How to describe the digital transition? For the citizen, it is only the insertion of technology in public spaces (digital boards or WIFI) or information about the management of the neighbourhood and/or city. This illustrates intelligence in information.

The future belongs to neighbourhoods and/or cities capable of attracting citizens; therefore, the challenge for mayors is to have a broad strategic vision on mobility, sustainability and digital transition.

Yes, the challenge is Herculean, but with intelligence shared between municipalities and the right partners; the solution is as simple as lighting a street or a neighbourhood.

And, Kenaz's slogan is literally to bring meaningful projects to life; exploring the creativity and knowledge of applications and, a network of technological partners capable of thinking about the future of cities.

Venture into Kenaz intelligence to maximise success!

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