We’re on the market! And, introducing Kenaz Consulting is a source of pride, as it is a consultant with a true follow-up philosophy (even in the most complex situations). Eliminate bureaucracy through creative solutions to achieve your business goals.

Our team is passionate about business development and strategy exponentiation. And the challenge is exactly where I want to start… Strategy.

The strategy applied in a company is only known by people who experience the daily life of the business. A word of advice: NEVER outsource it.

To pursue the most correct strategy and vision you will have to fulfill certain points, for these points, tactics are what really matter in the short term. For example, if the strategy is to develop new products every 2 years, the best tactic is to investigate the market, develop new ways of working, and develop a mold for scale manufacturing.

In tactics, Kenaz assists with an Academy inspired investigation method. This allows us to have a transversal view of the business area and optimize our performance.

To know the latest news, one of the tactics to consider will be the mythical and much-heralded “European bazooka”. Thus, we created a team specialized in tax benefits and financial incentives, thus managing to create business or obtain competitive advantages in the market in an unparalleled way.

According to the newspaper ECO, only 7% of companies believe they have access to the “bazooka”, but with the Kenaz team that number will grow! And, the European Union (strangely enough), will be a component of its strategic solutions in the national and international market.

Europe helps you to exponentiate strategic results. Schedule a meeting with us to find out how.

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