In this article Kenaz seeks to present an opportunity for companies that have a strong investment in Research and Development (I&D).

The Corporate I&D Tax Incentive System (SIFIDE) supports companies through a tax benefit in the form of IRC, directly deductible from collection. This benefit is intended for all national companies, residing in Portuguese territory, that carry out, as their main activity, an activity of an agricultural, industrial or commercial nature that has incurred I&D expenses.

The following expenses are eligible for this support:
1. Tangible fixed assets (except buildings and land) acquired in new condition;
2. Expenses for staff with higher education qualifications than secondary education (level 4)*;
3. Expenses with the participation of directors and management staff of I&D institutions;
4. Expenses related to contracting I&D activities;
5. Patent registration and maintenance costs;
6. Expenses with I&D audits;
7. Expenses with demonstration actions arising from supported I&D projects.

* Expenses for personnel with minimum educational qualifications of level 8 of the NQF are considered at 120% of their quantitative.

With SIFIDE, you can recover up to 82,5% of investments in I&D that have not been the object of a financial contribution from the State via tax benefit deducted from collection.

The Kenaz method offers the customer a personalized follow-up from strategic planning to successful applications to maximize the results of tax optimization for companies.

To reduce the bureaucracy of the application, Kenaz accompanies you at all times, assigning an employee directly to the company to facilitate the collection and analysis of information.

SIFIDE is an innovation tax benefit and Kenaz maximizes the success of applications!

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