Magic or reality?

Ex-ante in order to approach the EU funds, it is vital to explain: i) the praxis concepts; ii) the analogy that guides the argument; and iii) the relationship between concepts and analogy.

It is understood as:

  • Magic - the apparent power to influence events using mysterious and supernatural forces;
  • Reality - status embodied in physical and/or digital existence;
  • Community funds - these are European Union funding instruments aimed at development objectives (economic, social and territorial cohesion) at European, national, regional and local level.

The magic/reality analogy is in practice the dialectic between skeptics (those who disdain and/or consider EU funds to be magic) and believers (those who believe in and/or exploit these financial incentives to boost their business). In fact, in practical terms, it's common to hear arguments in favor of each of the "ideals".

And this can be explained by the words of António Mendonça, the economists' chairman, on this subject: "Government action is not done by adding up individual measures. This has been one of the country's main problems over the last two or three decades". And if EU funds aim to change the paradigm of European cohesion, then a national strategy for the responsible use of EU funds is crucial: PRR, PT2030, etc.

That is:


They exploit individual government action or news to:

  • Refer to the lack of parity and/or equity in the distribution of EU funds
  • Analyze the large number of financial incentives
  • Criticize the legal and bureaucratic complexity of applications

They ignore issues such as:

  • The absence of a strategic vision of the business
  • Limited management skills
  • They focus on beliefs of a personal, political and/or social nature

They use EU grants to:

  • Optimize the development of new products/services (research and development strategy)
  • Recruit, qualify and retain talent
  • Internationalize or expand operations

They don't forget questions like:

  • Business vision and strategic planning
  • Management knowledge and support of a competent team
  • Focus on the success and expansion of the business

In short, the topic requires a change of mentality: i) the government is asked to take a holistic view, define clear policies and instruments; ii) vehicle entities are asked to carry out a competent evaluation and monitoring of projects; iii) public and private entities (e.g. local authorities, companies, etc.) are asked to think of these incentives as an opportunity for future added value.

As Kenaz's slogan translates, we want skeptics and believers to maximize success! Entrust your business and projects to our team to harnesses creativity and knowledge of EU funds.

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